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Our Story

Highest Quality, Responsibly Sourced

Velvet was founded in 2020 with the vision of providing the highest quality products based on responsibly sourced Argan oil. We only use 100% Pure Organic USDA Certified Argan Oil, produced from the kernels of the Argania spinosa tree and imported from Morocco, where the Argan Tree is exclusively grown.  Our Argan oil is cold-pressed and never heated, meaning it retains all of its beneficial properties and is the highest grade, unlike many other industrially-produced oils.

The benefits of Argan oil have been extensively studied since it's explosion on to the scene, with 3 times the vitamin E content as olive oil and its high proportion of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, Argan oil's skin moisturizing and hair conditioning ability is unrivaled. Research has also shown that Argan oil has anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and chemopreventative properties. It's no wonder this oil is often referred to as "Liquid Gold". 

For centuries Argan oil was made entirely by hand. In one working day, a woman can produce from 1 to 1.5 kilograms of seeds. To put that into perspective, it takes nearly 30 kilograms of nuts, of which only 3 kilograms of seeds can be extracted, to produce 1 liter of Argan oil. 

Today parts of the manufacturing process have been brought into the 21st century, but many parts, like the delicate process of cracking the nuts, still require skilled workers. Velvet is proud that 100% of our Argan oil is sourced from women's cooperatives in Morocco ensuring that the Berber women get fairly compensated for their work. We are also proud to say that our Argan oil has Organic ECOCERT certification, is Fair-Trade, and is never tested on animals.


Velvet is committed to providing only the highest quality, responsibly sourced products while simultaneously helping the social and economic development of the rural Moroccan women and the environmental sustainability of the Argan tree.

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